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Love is never wrong.

30 June
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Current Cast:

The cast has been relocated to San Diego, CA.

Me - J-MO. Free. Whatever. I don't know what else to say except I'm pretty much the same guy you once knew, only single now.

Best Friend. Benjamin's still my best friend in the world, and we do our best to stay in touch.

Best Artist. My old roommate in college, and my best friend in New York, Mark is still doing his best in this industry. He edits news for CBS.

The Soldier. Scott, the chainsmoking MUD addict, dropped out of college, ran off from home and joined the marines, went to Iraq, came back burned, went to Iraq again, and now he's back.

T-Fly a.k.a. The Salesman. Met him in the Bay Area, and he's introducing me to actor friends down here. Born salesman. Used to be a player, now he's settling down.

ADD. New pal of mine here in San Diego. We do the breakfast thing. Yes, I get up before 10 AM now.

More later -

L-Word Cast of Characters:

This is a chapter of my life that's now over, but it's important to acknowledge that it was a chapter.

jmarquiso a.k.a. J-Mo a.k.a. Free - that's me. Free is a rave name, and something I've taken to heart. It's who I am.

Autumn - My current significant other, and girlfriend. Me being poly, that's who it all refers to. This is who the "l-word entries" were directed toward. Bisexual, beautiful, into hockey, loves neuroscience and helping disabled people. And the person I'm very much in love with, a word I hardly ever use for someone, and she somehow broke through my armor to get me to admit it.

Best Friend - I grew up with him since 8th grade. We've been friends forever. He's currently in Japan, and I in San Jose. We'll talk about pretty much anything, and so he shows up in my journal from time to time.

Sista - My sister. I have a very close relationship with my sister, and we'll talk about anything. She's openly far more conservative than I am, but she accepts everything that I am as I do, her. She's a wonderful and amazing person.

Beautiful Friend - My oldest friend, and outside of the Best Friend, she's the other one I can certainly depend on.

The Boi - I need a new nickname for him, but he's the 40 year old guy I'm seeing on and off right now. Fun, can dance, flirt. Fun.

The Goil - A new girl that I'm seeing right now. She's pretty, but one thing is she's hard of hearing and I mumble a lot. I met the Goil and the Boi at the same time and we hooked up together. I'm seein' both separately.

Interest #3 - we met at a coffee shop. She was behind the counter, I was ordering a mint mocha. We talked about Nightcrawler. one of my early attempts at poly, and still a friend that very much confuses me and makes me happy at the same time. I'm glad to "keep" her through all of this.

Him - that's Autumn's other guy. Out of respect for Autumn's privacy, I don't normally talk about thier relationship, and I really don't have a need to. There are times though where I talk about my frustration with Him, and how it's affected she and I.

crazybrd1 hasn't shown up in the journal yet, and so I don't have a nickname yet. But he's a friend, and he's now in Boston having a good ol' time drinking instead of studying.

Ex-Fiance - we met my freshman year in College, and this was the first time I really used the words "I love you", and eventually meant it. We got engaged and then broke up a few months later. The whole relationship almost lasted a year. She's currently featured in the "Big O", and the "L-word" entries.

Arizona - the latest Ex to truly hurt me. The one that I thought I'd fallen for, and lost in a very short time. We broke up in Scottsdale, AZ while shooting a music video. That end was the beginning of my hating women stage. If me being poly can be explained any other way... it starts with her. Featured in "L-word" - might be featured in "Big O".

The Rebound After - a reader of this livejournal, and a friend, she inadvertantly taught me alot about myself and what I'm capable of. Find her in the "L-word" entries.

The English Teacher - she was my first time. Find her in the "Big O" entries.

The Redhead - she is so the hotness. That sexy chick I met once in Vegas and we keep in contact from time to time. We had a webcam thing goin' and I must have got her pregnant because she gave birth a few months after (just kidding, beautiful). My first teacher in BDSM. Though she may not know it. Featured in "L-word" and soon to be featured in "Big O".

The Psychologist - I met her on a plane, and she was older than me. The first of many during my hating women stage. She's found in the "L-word" entries.

I have to go through - there are far more.


So the stats:

Politics: Moderate, leaning left.
Religion: Catholic. Mainly. Sorta. Yeah.
Love-life: Polyamorous. Prefer not to look on-line for romance and love.
Geek-scale: High.
Looks: Sometimes.